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How does Service Virtualization work?

19. November 2019

To illustrate how service virtualization can be used in a specific application, first an example scenario: 3 steps to the virtual image: First, a system is built using the first available components. All other required components are virtualized. Then new components can be introduced into the system one after the other and the virtual components […]

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What is Service Virtualization?

15. November 2019

Our digital world is becoming more and more networked. At the latest since the home washing machine can be conveniently controlled from the workplace and real-time tracking of the Amazon package is possible, we have arrived in the age of the “IOT – Internet of things”. As a result, quality assurance is becoming increasingly important. […]

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5 Typical Mistakes of new Test Managers

13. November 2019

If you hire a test manager, you naturally want to improve your test process. Companies often lack the professional preparation and monitoring of the tests. This is where external test managers help, who take over the planning and management and thus improve and constantly monitor the effectiveness of the processes. An external test manager also […]

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5 Golden Rules for your Test Success

06. November 2019

With these five rules for successful, systematic testing, every software test succeeds. Long-term implementation also increases efficiency and software quality. Our test experts check the effectiveness of the rules every day in their projects. 1. Test Manager: Planning and Execution Sounds simple, but for many testers it is not: a clear planning of the project. […]

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aqua 19.1 – The Platform for agile Lifecycle Management

10. September 2019

Quality is the most important feature of any software. With the new version of our solution for test management, highest quality is guaranteed. aqua 19.1 brings a lot of improvements and new features, which simplify the test process significantly. All aqua highlights 19.1 New layout for main window aqua becomes even easier! That was our […]

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TestCon Moscow – aqua is part of it

11. March 2019

TestCon in Moscow is one of the largest “Software Testing and QA Conferences” in Russia. It is a must among software testers and test analysts as well as QA developers. The core topics this year are: “Trends & Best Practices”, “Testing Tools” and “New Techniques and Methods”. The conference offers an ideal platform for presentations, […]

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aqua 19 – Release

21. December 2018

 aqua 19 – Modern Test Management Well prepared for the new year! 2019 starts outstandingly, especially if you trust aqua in test management. Just in time for the turn of the year, aqua 19 will be released with fresh UI, even more performance and many new and improved functions. Start now with the new […]

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aqua 18.3 – Release

01. October 2018

 aqua 18.3 – Efficient testing Test management is efficient and successful if it leads to fast, complete results and if the project can be delivered within the specified time schedule. The customer is satisfied and the budget is not exceeded. aqua 18.3 ensures faster work processes and greater transparency in the test process. Benefit […]

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Plugin aqua4Jira – Test Management in Jira

12. September 2018

aqua and Jira Our test management software aqua already provides an interface for seamless synchronization with your Jira environment. The bidirectional connection enables users from both systems to work together optimally. In this way the advantages of both systems are used. We now offer another solution that allows you to interact with the sophisticated aqua […]

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aqua 18.2 – Release Notes

27. June 2018

 aqua 18.2 – World Champion Testing While the new World Champion in football is still being determined, with aqua you can already count on the right solution among the quality assurance tools. aqua takes another big step forward with version 18.2 and offers many new and improved features to its users. In addition to […]

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