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aqua 18.3 – Release

01. October 2018

 aqua 18.3 – Efficient testing Test management is efficient and successful if it leads to fast, complete results and if the project can be delivered within the specified time schedule. The customer is satisfied and the budget is not exceeded. aqua 18.3 ensures faster work processes and greater transparency in the test process. Benefit […]

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Plugin aqua4Jira – Test Management in Jira

12. September 2018

aqua and Jira Our test management software aqua already provides an interface for seamless synchronization with your Jira environment. The bidirectional connection enables users from both systems to work together optimally. In this way the advantages of both systems are used. We now offer another solution that allows you to interact with the sophisticated aqua […]

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aqua 18.2 – Release Notes

27. June 2018

 aqua 18.2 – World Champion Testing While the new World Champion in football is still being determined, with aqua you can already count on the right solution among the quality assurance tools. aqua takes another big step forward with version 18.2 and offers many new and improved features to its users. In addition to […]

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aqua 18.1 – Release

22. March 2018

 aqua 18.1 provides you with the necessary framework to create an ideal foundation for your holistic project success. The new version makes it even easier for you to keep an eye on everything and to include all relevant aspects of quality assurance at all times. Some of the other well-known and proven features of […]

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aqua 18 – Release

21. December 2017

aqua 18 – Best Way for Software QA! Just in time for the turn of the year, our new aqua 18 will be released. We did our utmost to make the test management with aqua as easy and effective as possible. Especially new users will feel even more comfortable in the aqua Web-Client, as a […]

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aqua 17.2 – Release Notes

29. September 2017

aqua 17.2 – next Level Test Management! Software quality assurance enters the next stage: Our test management software aqua again receives many additional features in the new update, which make testing much easier. The aqua Web-Client is also brought closer to our proven Desktop-Client. You can easily log in to the Web-Client with your existing […]

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aqua 17.1 – Release

14. July 2017

We proudly present: aqua 17.1! The new version of our test management software comes with great innovations and extensive improvements. Especially the aqua WebClient, already released with version 17, receives great additional features. This makes aqua even more flexible and accessible to the entire team. Use the full potential of quality assurance for your projects […]

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Our Vision of aqua

31. May 2017

Our Vision is a test management that is ahead of its time. As projects in the IT sector are getting more and more complicated and release cycles becoming shorter, a modern test management is required, which meets these requirements. We must look to the future. Where today lean, agile, kanban or dev ops are important […]

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German Testing Day 2017

09. May 2017

aqua will be one of the sponsors of the German Testing Day again this year. Come and see us at our booth on June 20th where we will show you all the advantages our brilliant test management tool aqua offers. You will discover that aqua is the right choice for your company. In addition, it […]

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A short insight look in aqua 17

24. April 2017

A problem that is well-known all over the world: you read an article from the USA or Great Britain, using different lengths or units of measure. If, for example, the exact conversion of inches in centimeters is not known, you can often only estimate. Now, imagine working together with people from the US or Great […]

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