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Software Quality Days – Keynote “Test optimization” for download

29. January 2020

Our technical lecture “Test optimization” for download Our year starts successfully! In mid-January, our Senior Consultant Christan Gawel impressed the audience at the Software Quality Days in Vienna with a convincing presentation on the subject of test optimization. His message: Quality is no random chance! Especially not in times of digital transformation. Christian must know, […]

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Best-Case: Test optimization at Deutsche Post

13. January 2020

AGILE software development – new hype or a crucial skill for organizations in the digital age? Our test expert Christian Gawel knows the answer that Deutsche Post has found for itself. Because he has witnessed and significantly helped shape agile change processes in recent years. Christian will present his experiences with agile test management to […]

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Megatrend-Map zeigt digitale Treiber

08. January 2020

Die aktuell veröffentlichte Megatrend-Map des Zukunftsinstituts zeigt die zwölf zentralen Trends unserer Zeit. Sie sollen die größten Treiber des Wandels darstellen, die alle Aspekte von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft beeinflussen. Fließend, beständig im Wandel, mit zentralen Knoten und Orientierungspunkten – das macht Trends aus. Immer wieder kommt es zu Überschneidungen, Parallelen und Veränderungen; kurz- mittel wie […]

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Automation as a strategic goal

17. December 2019

Manual testing requires many resources Still, a large part of quality assurance in companies is based on manual test procedures. Digital innovations thus progress only slowly. The time and resources required for manual testing are too great and too extensive. According to a survey of 400 IT executives in Germany alone, 92% of test teams […]

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Tool-Test: Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) with aqua

06. December 2019

In our 3-part series on “Service Virtualization”, our test experts have examined all the advantages and possible uses of this procedure. Why do our experts know this so well? Because they work with it every day on different projects in different companies. This also means that no solution is new to us. No matter which […]

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Why is Service Virtualization necessary?

22. November 2019

Service virtualization is not only of enormous importance in many IT projects, but also increasingly of existential importance. Because the advantages are enormous. Ultimately, they play a decisive role in the quality assurance of applications. In most cases there is enormous time pressure and release cycles are getting shorter and shorter. The application must be […]

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How does Service Virtualization work?

19. November 2019

To illustrate how service virtualization can be used in a specific application, first an example scenario: 3 steps to the virtual image: First, a system is built using the first available components. All other required components are virtualized. Then new components can be introduced into the system one after the other and the virtual components […]

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What is Service Virtualization?

15. November 2019

Our digital world is becoming more and more networked. At the latest since the home washing machine can be conveniently controlled from the workplace and real-time tracking of the Amazon package is possible, we have arrived in the age of the “IOT – Internet of things”. As a result, quality assurance is becoming increasingly important. […]

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5 Typical Mistakes of new Test Managers

13. November 2019

If you hire a test manager, you naturally want to improve your test process. Companies often lack the professional preparation and monitoring of the tests. This is where external test managers help, who take over the planning and management and thus improve and constantly monitor the effectiveness of the processes. An external test manager also […]

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5 Golden Rules for your Test Success

06. November 2019

With these five rules for successful, systematic testing, every software test succeeds. Long-term implementation also increases efficiency and software quality. Our test experts check the effectiveness of the rules every day in their projects. 1. Test Manager: Planning and Execution Sounds simple, but for many testers it is not: a clear planning of the project. […]

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