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Freely scalable Resources

Control and reporting in the andagon testcenter

You always have the overview and the full cost control. The free use of our ALM software aqua gives you an extensive tool that gives you access to the processes and the possibility of up-to-the-minute reporting at all times. If required, our services can be scaled according to effort.

With us you stay flexible and the costs are scalable

In the preparation of the project, you will discuss with your Single Person of Contact (SPoC) the type, scope and the time interval of the reporting. This will become part of your offer. If you also have reporting needs, this is always possible on request.
Also after consultation and fixed in the offer, milestones between you and us are agreed, which can give you additional assurance, where you stand.
We install the test object on our systems or use your test environment remotely. With the latter, you can follow all the steps live and have an up-to-the-minute look at the activities through aqua.


Cost of our andagon testcenter

As far as costs are concerned, every offer is as individual your systems and ideas. It is exactly tailored to what you want to achieve in terms of quality assurance for your systems.

After actual and target analysis, you receive an offer that can be further specified with you. At the end there is a cost that you can count on.

Not only are the costs fixed, but also that we will not make you an offer, if we did not take a close look at your systems, your test object and your wishes before.

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