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Security Testing

The protection of IT-Systems and your own data is an important and complex task. andagon implements an integral security system for you by comprehensive security testing.

A comprehensive IT security and the protection of your own data are indispensable for businesses. The risks, however, are increasing due to the almost complete cross-linking of systems and the growing application of mobile terminal devices. Data can get lost, manipulated or stolen. An integral security concept taking into consideration all aspects thus becomes more and more important.

In the scope of security testing, andagon supports you in implementing such a concept. In order to do so, our specialists first of all test where security flaws occur. They focus on penetration tests identifying potential points of attack for hackers as well as the analysis of internal security measures. On the basis of these findings, we show you how to close existing gaps. Furthermore, we establish a long-term security strategy that you can use for all future IT projects. This prevents new threats and effectively protects you from damage.

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