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Performance Testing

An IT system with a low output has a negative impact on business processes. With performance testing, andagon ensures that your system always meets all requirements.

Regardless whether business software or website – in order to have all business processes running faultlessly, the entire IT system has to rapidly process all accruing data and quickly react to entries. So it is all up to performance. If, for example, the orders of customers of mail order companies are only transmitted to distribution centres slowly, the commissioning of packages in the warehouse come to a halt. And especially at peak times – for example at Christmas sales – an IT system is quickly stretched to its limits.

Therefore, andagon tests the performance of your entire system. In order to do so, we first of all analyse your current and future peak loads. In doing so, you will know exactly how your IT performs on a daily basis and what data quantities are to be processed on particular occasions or in the course of continuous growth. On this basis, we do a performance test to identify bottlenecks. Finally, we propose effective measures that quickly improve performance. In general, you can thus do without the purchase of expensive hardware components. Increasing performance and reducing costs.

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