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QA Strategy Consulting

The quality assurance strategy describes in which areas, by which means and to what extent quality assurance must be used. For example, what documents must be examined, how intensively and by whom and, if necessary, whether they need to be revised.

Quality assurance in IT projects is not merely testing software. Quality assurance is an important part at all stages and in all areas of an IT project. For example, a QA strategy has guidelines for development, instructions for documentation, regular meetings to exchange information (and minutes of the same so nothing gets lost), responsibilities for quality and many other issues that do not directly concern the testing of software.

Advantages Using andagon

Together with all relevant stakeholders, andagon’s consultants develop a QA strategy customised for you and your software. Our employees keep the success of your project in mind at all times. We constantly focus on the following factors:

  • objective achievement
  • profitability
  • efficient use of time
  • benefits
  • feasibility

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