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QA Process Consulting

What is QA Process Consulting?

Standards and processes, also in quality assurance, ensure that good results are achieved quickly and sustainably. Processes that have been tried and tested in practice will help you establish a structured quality assurance and will efficiently optimise your projects.

Why QA Process Consulting?

You demand transparency, flexibility, clarity, efficiency, and structure in your project. By introducing processes, you ensure that procedures and working steps are obvious, that different employees adhere to the same procedures, that they can be deployed flexibly and that it is clear where results are filed and how they were created.
The introduced structures help ensure that there are no omissions. Processes will help to reduce the susceptibility to defects and optimise your quality assurance.

What do we Offer?

Naturally, andagon’s experts know all about the tried and tested quality assurance standards. It is equally obvious that we will not simply impose a standard process but that we will work out a process customised to your needs in a joint effort based on our experience, best practices, lessons learned and standards.

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