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QA Management – Keeping an Eye on the Priorities

There is never enough time in IT projects. Often, the majority of the quality assurance process takes time only at the end of the project and the scheduled time often needs to be shortened. The result is a quality that does not meet the customer’s expectations.

andagon therefore uses the approach of simultaneous quality assurance in test management. The work of our test managers already begins before the development, defining quality gates and creating the first test cases. This guarantees a high level of quality. Test cases and test scenarios are deduced using planning, constructive and analytical QA measures.

When organising the design and specifications of test cases, prioritising test cases and coordinating test execution, our test managers ensure that the best result is achieved whenever a test is carried out.

Misunderstandings between specialist departments and the development often lead to the requirements being incorrectly implemented. As a link between quality assurance and those stipulating the requirements, development and project management, the andagon specialist assumes a key role as a mediator for your benefit. Our test managers are trained to look at issues from a wide range of perspectives in order to communicate with all stakeholders at eye-level.

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