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Business Intelligence

For ideal company management, the management team always needs the latest operating figures. In difficult competitive and market situations, prompt and correct decisions based on complete and reliable information are important success factors for enabling flexible and successful operations.

The same also holds true on a smaller scale regarding projects. Make your IT project successful by consistent evaluation of all operating figures. Be aware of project status, quality and risk factors with the help of the collected data. Is the project on time, can it be kept within budget or are there indicators of future problems? Control your project with the operating figures delivered to you by the ALM Suite aqua by andagon and react to problems at an early stage.

The numerous interfaces allow for an easy integration of aqua into your system environment. aqua becomes the central data platform in your project. The constant synchronisation with the linked systems ensures up-to-date data at all times. With aqua’s powerful reporting component you can configure any report that you can subsequently retrieve at the push of a button at any time.

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