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Automation as a strategic goal

Automation as a strategic goal

Manual testing requires many resources

Still, a large part of quality assurance in companies is based on manual test procedures. Digital innovations thus progress only slowly. The time and resources required for manual testing are too great and too extensive. According to a survey of 400 IT executives in Germany alone, 92% of test teams now spend more time testing code than before. This often hampers the development of innovations and prevents the achievement of business goals.

Test automation as a driver of innovation

Almost all companies have recognized that automating their tests is an important factor in accelerating digital innovation while maintaining high quality. The additional value creation potential in this area is estimated to be more than six billion euros by 2020, which brings enormous efficiencies especially in the area of testing: Defects can be detected and eliminated in a more targeted manner, enabling innovations to be introduced faster and defect-free. This quickly translates into a major competitive advantage.

Fit for the future with digital competence

However, for this to happen, it is necessary that managers as well as those in charge of the subject recognize the opportunities that new digital technologies and services offer them. Whether cloud platforms, robotics, artificial intelligence or machine learning – only those who know their business model and know how to apply the trends consistently can drive digital transformation forward.

Especially in the field of test automation, many companies are still reluctant. Despite more quality, speed and efficiency, up to 90% of companies still do not use test automation as extensively as they could. Why? Due to excessive demands, ignorance, lack of resources. In their projects, our IT consultants repeatedly encounter companies who also find it difficult to automate the testing of their code on their own without external support. Nearly 90% have no automated processes to test code at every stage of development.

The reasons vary from company to company and industry to industry, but the result is the same: potential is wasted. Our IT consultants ensure that this does not become a stumbling block on the way to digital transformation. From holistic project consulting to implementation with our automation experts, we have already accompanied numerous companies in successfully mastering the challenges in their test environment.

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