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aqua 18 – Release

aqua 18 - Release

aqua 18 – Best Way for Software QA!
Just in time for the turn of the year, our new aqua 18 will be released. We did our utmost to make the test management with aqua as easy and effective as possible. Especially new users will feel even more comfortable in the aqua Web-Client, as a guided tour leads you purposefully through the first steps in aqua 18.

You can easily log in to the Web-Client with your existing access data. The aqua Web-Client works perfectly with the aqua Desktop-Client.

Test the new aqua 18 free of charge and without obligation for 30 days!

The innovations in aqua 18 in detail:

aqua Web-Client: Tour through aqua
  • When you start the aqua Web-Client for the first time, you will be guided through the essential functions of aqua. 
  • Even for experienced aqua users a look at the tour is recommended. It can be started at any time via a button in the ribbon bar.
aqua Web-Client: Sub-Requirements available
  • As already known from the desktop client, sub-requirements can now also be created and managed in the web-client.
  • Existing requirements can also be subsequently subordinated to other requirements.
  • Especially practical: requirements can be easily arranged in aqua 18 by drag & drop.
aqua-WebClient: Configuration of automation agents
  • The configuration of automation agents, e.g. Ranorex or SoapUI, is now also possible in the web-client
  • In addition, there is now a view of all already active agents. Thus, it is always visible which agent is currently performing which test step and what the previous results look like.
aqua Web-Client: Testautomation – PowerShell and UnixShell
  • PowerShell and UnixShell scripts are also available in the web-client in aqua 18.
  • Create scripts and upload files used by the script directly into the aqua web client. Thanks to an icon in front of the script name, you always have an eye on which technology automates your steps.
Reset Test Step Execution
  • If a test step was accidentally set to “passed” or “failed”, the status can now simply be reset at any time.
SAML Authentication – SSO for the Web, LDAP connectivity
  • Thanks to the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), there is now SingleSignOn (SSO) in the Web client. The login takes place automatically – after you have been entered your data once – when starting the aqua Web client.
  • aqua 18 has a connection to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
JMeter 3.3 – Support
  • aqua 18 supports the latest version of JMeter. Load- and performance tests benefit from this.


The complete release notes in detail:

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