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aqua 18.3 – Release

aqua 18.3 - Release

aqua 18.3 – Efficient testing

Test management is efficient and successful if it leads to fast, complete results and if the project can be delivered within the specified time schedule. The customer is satisfied and the budget is not exceeded.

aqua 18.3 ensures faster work processes and greater transparency in the test process. Benefit from significantly increased performance and have the current test status and test results displayed in real time whenever you want. Keep track of the quality of your product at all times.

Start now with the new aqua 18.3 free of charge and without obligation!

Overview of the most important innovations in aqua 18.3:


[aqua-WebClient]: Strongly increased performance with requirements and defects
  • Enjoy smoother workflows with aqua 18.3. When working with requirements and defects, you benefit from 70% more speed with our new version!
  • Access stored requirements and defects up to 75% faster
  • Create new elements even faster: Up to 80% more speed
[aqua-WebClient]: Dashboard 2.0
  • Gain insight into the current test status and test results at any time, optimally visualized for high transparency in the test process. This way you always have crucial information in front of your eyes and know exactly if and when measures need to be taken.
  • With aqua 18.3 you can also benefit from visualised information about your project in real time in the WebClient.
[aqua-WebClient]: Automatic translations by AI
  • Save time and benefit from easier collaboration within your team by having each user work in aqua in their preferred language. An external translation tool is no longer necessary.
  • An AI is connected to aqua 18.3 which automatically translates user inputs, e.g. the description of a defect, into one of 7 desired languages for other users.
[aqua-WebClient]: Project Settings
  • With aqua 18.3, you can adapt the test process in your project even better to your needs.
  • In the new project settings, define whether an expected result must be defined for test steps.
  • You can also determine whether a result must be described for your current test results, or whether the simple entry “passed” is sufficient.


The complete release notes in detail:

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