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aqua 18.1 – Release

aqua 18.1 - Release

aqua 18.1 provides you with the necessary framework to create an ideal foundation for your holistic project success. The new version makes it even easier for you to keep an eye on everything and to include all relevant aspects of quality assurance at all times. Some of the other well-known and proven features of the aqua desktop client are now also available in the aqua web client.

You can easily log in to the web client with your existing access data. The aqua web client works perfectly together with the aqua desktop client.

Test the new aqua 18.1 free of charge and without obligation for 30 days!

The innovations in aqua 18.1 in detail:


Execution status in test scenarios
  • In the test case scenario tab you can now clearly see the current status. Some of the things you can see at first glance is how many included test cases have already been executed, how many were successful or how many failed.
  • This new feature is available in aqua Desktop- and Web Client versions 18.1 and later.
Ranorex 8 – Support
  • aqua 18.1 supports the new version 8 of Ranorex.
aqua-WebClient: Embedded Test Cases
  • With aqua 18.1, you can also nest test cases in other test cases in the aqua Web client. This allows you to quickly and efficiently adapt your tests to new conditions at any time.
aqua-WebClient: Jenkins Integration
  • Interactions between aqua and Jenkins, the open source tool for continuous integration, are also possible via the aqua web client with version 18.1. This allows you to control Jenkins jobs directly from the WebClient.
  • Also benefit from the powerful reporting feature in aqua when sending unit test results from Jenkins back to aqua.
Accessibility according to BITV 2.0
  • Integrated Help (BITV 2.0 3.3.5)
    In each section of the new version of aqua you will find a button that links directly to the corresponding page of the aquaWiki.
  • Optimized surface (BITV 2.0 1.3.1, BITV 2.0 1.4, BITV 2.0 2.1)
    Relayout, styling and keyboard operability of multiple masks optimized for the BITV 2.0 accessibility regulation
aqua-WebClient: Configuration of e-mail templates
  • Notification emails can be configured freely according to your wishes and preferences.
aqua-WebClient: Import and export of report templates
  • Ready-made templates for your reports can now also be imported and exported in the aqua WebClient.

aqua 18.1 – For outstandingly successful projects!
Professional test management opens the door to the success of your project. A structured and holistic approach is the key factor and should be a top priority at every stage of your project.

The complete release notes in detail:

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