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Seamless synchronisation with JIRA

Synchronisation enables the connection of projects using aqua and JIRA. You thus benefit from the advantages of both systems at the same time. A semi-automated synchronisation tool aligns the configurations so that project data is continuously synchronised. Any changes made in aqua and JIRA regarding requirements, failure, epics, user stories or tasks are synchronised bi-directionally. Developers can continue to work with JIRA.

Time saving and avoidance of transcription defects due to bi-directional synchronisation

You can create defects in aqua whilst executing test cases and synchronise them with JIRA. Within aqua, you can precisely describe the defect with the help of screenshots, videos or other documentation. Equally, you can analyse the dependencies of the occurred defects within aqua for reproduction. All progress is recognisable in the development of defects, which enables you to react with the help of aqua or JIRA.

Visualized Traceability

With JIRA traceability across various elements such as requirements, test cases and defects is missing. However, test managers are often dependent on a tool-supported evaluation of traceability. Necessary statistics that allow conclusions to be drawn about the test process are otherwise missing. Without traceability, for example, an efficient overview of test coverage is not possible.

Thanks to the automatically created dependency view in aqua, you can easily grasp all interrelationships at any time. This enables you to see immediately how individual requirements are interrelated, which dependencies exist and whether, for example, conflicts of interest arise.

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