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Flexible IT Project Management with aqua

Give project management flexibility. aqua supports agile procedure models such as SCRUM and offers the flexibility of planning and implementation that state of the art IT projects require. Plan on the SCRUM planning board together with your team, shift user stories on the virtual sprint board and track the progress more easily and securely using burn down charts rather than post-its on a whiteboard. aqua even makes SCRUM accessible for teams at different locations.


aqua has an agile board for individual SCRUM processes. The board enables you to combine your entire release planning using a waterfall model with an agile development such as SCRUM. While doing so, the entire development process takes place using a single tool – aqua. Thus, the product owner retrieves all his elements in a prioritised backlog and can furthermore compile his user stories. The user storyboard can be individually customised according to company processes. Every change on the sprint board is visible in reporting in real time.

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