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Test Case Management with aqua

Using aqua test management, you can structure test cases and manage them in projects in a well-arranged manner with revision security.

Describing test cases

Test cases can be precisely defined in individual steps and implemented step by step. Thus, other testers also know what to do when a colleague is on holiday or when a student is assisting in the testing of your quality assurance during term break. Furthermore, you are thus ensured precise documentation on what has been tested and know exactly if you should launch a new product or not.

Generating Test Cases

You can automatically generate test cases based on filed requirements. You can generate your test cases directly from an UML diagram and thus make sure that all requirement aspects are taken into consideration. Due to the immediate connection, you can instantly see what has already been tested and which dependencies exist. Working in quality assurance is optimised by test coverage and further test metrics.

UML diagram

Save Time by Using Test Automation

Using aqua, you can automate your manual test cases and thus automatically test an application, database or web service at any time, be it unit tests, functional tests or load and performance tests. In order to do so flexibly combine numerous proprietary and open source test tools – i.e. JMeter, SoapUI and Ranorex – into integration tests. aqua agents make it possible.

Live the Continuous Integration!


Continuous integration describes the most automated path from development, via testing up to automated deployment of your application. aqua supports you in achieving this goal of continuous integration by automatically initiating and implementing each test. The test cases are reproducible by means of the test automation and time is saved long term. Thanks to the connection to the Jenkins Build Server, the entire continuous integration chain can also be successfully implemented. Thus, it doesn’t take weeks until a new feature is delivered but just a few hours.

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