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Project Management with aqua

Plannable projects

The aqua project planner is the perfect tool for time planning and allocation of activities within your project. Capitalise on the well-structured presentation of Gantt diagrams when working on project plans. In this way, you can keep track of the progress of the revisions of requirements, tests or defects. Enabling the fastest reactions and permanent project transparency regarding costs, budget and schedule.

Gantt Chart

Managing resources

Project management is fully incorporated into aqua; from project generation, via implementation, allocation of resources up to compilation of project plans including expenditure estimates and risk assessments. As project resources are always scarce, you can immediately recognise whether sufficient resources are available for your project by means of the cross-project capacity utilisation. Thus, it is even easier to plan your projects.

Project Plan Overview Ressource Usage

Recording expenditures

By scheduling the project hours you can also define a project budget in the planning phase. By the offsetting entry of project hours completed you can tell if you are still within the planned framework.


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