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Defining & Managing Test Cases

Comprehensive test management is essential for a professional software quality assurance. This means, first of all, that the right test cases need to be generated according to the requirements and managed in such a way that they can be reproduced at any time. Following up on this, various software tests have to be coordinated and initiated. What is important: aqua has interfaces at its command which enable various test automation tools to be controlled centrally. In order to ensure that the software tests result in effective optimisation measures, all test results have to be comprehensively edited and have to be retrievable for everyone involved in the project at all times.

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Test cases and test scenarios are easily produced within aqua. You can choose which steps are to be tested by test scripts either automatically or manually – and which technologies are to be combined. Test scripts are deposited in a library and can be reused for other test cases.

Within aqua, each element can be allocated to one or several persons. For this reason, everyone involved in a project can identify responsibilities and competences. The user’s own responsibilities and competences are immediately evident on his individual home screen.

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