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aqua 18.2 – Release Notes

aqua 18.2 - Release Notes

aqua 18.2 – World Champion Testing

While the new World Champion in football is still being determined, with aqua you can already count on the right solution among the quality assurance tools.

aqua takes another big step forward with version 18.2 and offers many new and improved features to its users. In addition to many new permission settings for users, the new design of the execution log page, for example, allows a better overview and more accurate analysis of your test results.

Test the new aqua 18.2 free of charge and without obligation for 30 days!

The innovations in aqua 18.2 in detail:

[aqua-WebClient]: Value-dependent select-boxes
  • Selection boxes can now be related so that the value list of one field adapts based on the value of another field.
  • This new feature is exclusively available in the aqua-WebClient and can be configured natively.
[aqua-WebClient]: Support for a large number of values in the change context menu in item browser.
  • From now on, a smooth process is also guaranteed for a large number of elements in the element browser.
  • If there are more than 20 values, a new dialog appears for selection.
[aqua-WebClient]: Historization of administrative tasks
  • In aqua 18.2, there is a timeline to keep track of which administrative tasks were last executed
  • To give you an overview of where an administrative task was performed at any given time, the history is divided into “Global” and “Project-related”.
[aqua-WebClient]: Redesign of execution log page
  • Improved overview and more detailed information: On our newly designed log page, you can now analyze the last versions of your test cases even easier and faster.
[aqua-WebClient]: Open last execution of test case in scope of test scenario
  • Open the last run of your test case without detours and view the results on our redesigned execution log page.
[JIRA-Sync]: Take advantage of the JIRA REST sync support
  • Atlassian has discontinued the soap interface for some time. Now the JIRA Soap Sync is no longer supported.
  • As a better alternative, use the newer REST sync.
[JIRA-Sync]: Support for Syncing Sprint field
  • Changes in the aqua Sprint Boards and Jira Sprint Boards can be synchronized automatically.
  • This will make your agile workflows even more efficient. Sprints from JIRA and aqua can now also be combined.
[All aqua-Clients]: New permissions for user
  • In aqua 18.2 you have the option of defining the authorizations of the individual users even more precisely. The following settings are now possible:
    • Changes on multiple items in one step (Batch-Editing)
    • Fine-grained permissions for test execution
    • Finalizing test executions
    • Moving items
    • Deletion of posts (requirements) and enclosures (defects)
    • Import / Export
    • Dependencies
[All aqua-Clients]: Show embedded test cases as dependencies
  • See immediately where a test case is embedded. Very handy, for example, if a test case is reused or deleted.
[All aqua-Clients]: Fine-grained execution dependency for ‘execute always’ / ‘execute on success only’
  • In a sequence of test cases in a test scenario, further test cases are now executable even if previous ones were unsuccessful.
[GPDR]: Deletion of personal data according to new data privacy policy
  • Personal data stored in aqua can be removed from the aqua servers at any time on request in accordance with GPDR.


The complete release notes in detail:

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