aqua – the Modules: 4 Building - Blocks for Your QA Processes

aqua Logo: aligned quality assurance

aqua creates new opportunities for your IT projects by combining all quality assurance requirements with those of your IT projects - from integrated requirements management and project management to creating test-requirements and defect-tracking.

aqua has all the necessary modules:

  • Requirements management: captures requirements in text form and structures them in hierarchies. Integrate Office files. Use the integrated UML Designer and get a better picture by means of the aqua dependency maps.
  • Project management: model aqua according to the workflow for your project. Use the project-planner and Gantt charts. Prepare reports and keep track of things with dashboards and cutting-edge charts that show you the status quo of your projects at any time.
  • Test management: organise your quality assurance to its full extent and integrate requesters and development better for perfect results. Save time by automatically generating test-cases and carrying out manual and automated tests with ease.
  • Defect management: track your defects and automatically generate defects from test-cases. Integrate other information, e.g. screenshots and attachments.

Integrate all test processes that are relevant to your IT project with aqua – and bring all involved parties into one team.