aqua: the Innovation for Your Releases

aqua Logo: aligned quality assurance

How do you create a genuine competitive advantage out of quality? With aqua, your management solution when you need precision and transparency in IT projects. With aqua you can calculate your success.

aqua – Your Benefits at a Glance
aqua will revolutionise your IT projects because aqua is

aqua: an Optimum Workflow for Test Teams

aqua – as Elegant as Email
Discover the fascinating opportunities of the efficient formation of QA teams – regardless of location, organisation and IT expertise.  

Quality Improves – Costs Decrease
Give your software development process a highly efficient structure so that your applications penetrate the market more quickly with convincing quality and reduced development-times for your release.

  • A Homogenous Management Solution
    Form heterogeneous teams and ensure high-level communication for management, consulting, development, QA experts and users.
  • Full Transparency for Global Teams
    Bring users, project leaders, analysts, developers and testers together wherever they are around the world. Make all project information available for everybody any time. For optimum time-to-market.
  • With the Look & Feel of your Email Client
    The intuitive operating concept of aqua with the look & feel of your email client finally integrates the technical side and your users with a clear, visual concept in navigation, operation and presentation. This allows you to bring non-technical stakeholders close together with the rest of your team.
  • Process-Oriented – Right from the Start
    Bring the processes into your teams that ideally suit your business. aqua will adapt to you at all times – and thanks to visual process-modelling, it's simpler than ever before.
  • Software-as-a-Service
    Free yourself from maintenance and administration.
  • On-Demand – and Available 24/7
    Benefit from optimum scalability, exactly according to your requirements and enjoy prompt intervals for your test-cycles.
  • High-Speed for Your Quality Assurance
    Gain time with precisely planned, automated and maintenance-free test-cycles 24/7, e.g. overnight or at times of low system-utilisation.
  • High-Level Communications Platform
    Combine all your resources for the smooth collaboration of all team members for an effective flow of information through the varied range of project-stages and teams.
  • More Efficiency through Clarity
    Tackle large numbers of tests in parallel with absolute selectivity in requirements, test-runs, errors and reporting, e.g. throughout various releases and test-cycles.
  • Easy Integration into Existing Landscapes
    Use aqua easily with your existing tool landscape and transfer them both to a common workflow. The advantage: the power of aqua reporting and the aqua workflow becomes usable without having to get all your existing users onto a new platform.
  • Risk-Based Testing – for Optimum Prioritisation
    Orient your quality assurance to its significance for your business operations, including with internationally-located teams and disciplines. Involve your users for optimum results in your business.